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Designed to be more practical, timely, relevant and useful than an MBA

The Certified Entrepreneurial Advisor (CEA) program is designed to empower small businesses owners and those who advise them. It consists of a graduate-level practical education in how to start, manage and grow a small business. Completion of the twelve CEA subject areas equips graduates with powerful, practical tools, techniques and strategies aimed at small business success.

Small businesses represent the backbone of the world's economy, yet only a small fraction of a professional advisors' education touches on the real issues that are critical to small business success. College programs at both the graduate and undergraduate level are focused on issues which are largely relevant to large-scale businesses. Most "entrepreneurial" educational programs are targeted at the businesses aiming to one day become publicly traded. There is a virtual vacuum of educational training addressing practical issues most small businesses face and the people who are called to advise them. The CEA program takes an advisory-level role and approach to address this critical growing need. Graduates of the CEA program have practical skills, know the tools, techniques, tactics and strategies that allow small businesses to survive and prosper in any economy.

Traditional education models are fatally flawed, particularly in the field of business. They often make the learning process a grueling endurance contest. Graduates are those who can put in the time, memorize and regurgitate the material or navigate through annoying irrelevant group projects. We recognize a better way. The CEA curriculum, developed by successful small business owners, acclaimed educators and experienced professionals represents the distilled practical knowledge of thousands of successful entrepreneurs, business owners and advisors. It was forged from their experience and successes, tempered by their problems, roadblocks and setbacks. It is presented as a series of small, comprehensible video segments supported by downloadable exercise files, quizes and FAQs. The program is rooted in practicality because theory is only relevant if it can be implemented in real life to make or save resources. Best of all, you'll learn at your own pace and receive recognizable credit for your work.

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