What’s the Biggest Challenge for Small Businesses regarding Financials?

The biggest challenge most small businesses  have is just getting accurate financials. When you own and operate a small business, 110% of your effort is devoted to marketing and execution. The backroom tasks – including bookkeeping and accounting tend to get second fiddle, at best. As a result, back office systems in most small businesses are not given enough attention, until, that is, the company runs out of cash. Then there is a fire engine approach that takes over, as the business owner attempts to put out this fire and that. Not particularly conducive to developing sound information reporting systems.

Most small business owners are not systems or detail oriented. They are big picture people, by necessity. As a result, keeping history, making things neat and developing internal reporting systems falls by the wayside. I have seen dozens of small businesses which ran by dashboard metrics alone. No financials. At year end, the outside accountants would struggle to make sense of the mess and sometimes the financials actually corresponded with the dashboard results… sometimes. Most of the time, the financials come as a rude shock.

This is a symptom of being an entrepreneur. It’s a rare one who understands the importance of control systems and information reporting on the accounting level. Those that do, and that devote sufficient resources to it are generally the ones who are very successful.

We have several video courses devoted to developing metrics, accounting, and internal control systems in a small business, see CEAnow.org.

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