Finding Good Advisors

Question:  I just purchased a business in another state. How do I find good advisors like an attorney and accountant?


You don’t indicate the size of the business, or the industry it is in. Certainly, the first place to start is with a good attorney. You can find one of the large international law firms . They can associate you with a CPA firm. Alternately, you could find one of the Big 4 CPA firms.

For large businesses, that’s the easy way. For a small business, that won’t work. You don’t want the overhead and expense of either of those options. The best way to find a good attorney and CPA is to ask for references. To do that, you might consider doing a google search for similar businesses in the same area as the business you own. Then you might call them and ask who they use. You could also find references from bankers in the same area. So let’s assume that you have a car wash in Davenport Iowa. Find a few car washes in the general area, call them, explain that you have a new business similar to theirs and ask who they use. Call the local chamber of commerce and see who they have as members. Call some of the local banks and ask them for referrals. Then you can interview the prospects on the phone, and get a good idea of what kind of people they are, how they will charge, whether they know what they are talking about, etc.


At we have a whole course on choosing the right advisors for a business.

August 1, 2016

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