The Love of Money

Do you have to love money to be successful?

What an interesting question. I think the answer is probably no. Being successful requires ambition and aptitude and perseverance. One might easily be successful without loving money. One might like the idea of personal accomplishment, recognition, and for many, the pursuit of power. Whether you love money or not is only one motivator. Money might be adopted by some as the measure of how successful they were, but not the principal motivator.

To be successful requires that you have good people skills, know how to network and have reasonable technical skills.

I have known many marginally successful business people who were penurious and loved money far too much, to the point that it suffocated their chances for success.

On the other hand, the other day I attended the funeral of a businessman who died suddenly. He had just retired. His funeral was packed out… by people who had known him and respected him mightily. Person after person stood up to describe his leadership skills, his mentoring abilities, his integrity and compassion, his honesty in difficult situations, and the way he had helped others. This guy never earned more than $ 80,000 in his life, but he was wildly successful, loved by many, admired by many more and a pillar of the community. Wow. That’s success. Compare that to the jerk who has schemed his way to the top, has a pile of ill-gotten gains and is generally hated by all. Who would you rather be? I think I know who I would choose.

It all comes down to how you define success. Your wealth is not defined by your possessions alone. It is defined by your character, your integrity, your deeds, how you treated others, especially those who were in no position to help you. Did you always do the right thing? Did you show generosity and compassion? Money? Ok, nice to have, but not the principal measurement of wealth nor success.

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