Can a Small Business Win Against National Companies?

How can small business owners compete & win when they are up against national companies?

Direct, head on product to product competition: you can’t. They will smash you like a bug.

Indirect, guerrilla marketing, niche specialty, solving un-met demands, appealing to consumers’ unique needs and desires: you’ll run circles around them, but you’ll have to be agile and nimble because if you are too successful or visible they will adopt your successes and roll over on you. (squished bug analogy again)

You have to be clever. You have to be resourceful. You have to out-think them and out maneuver them. You have to go where they aren’t, whether it be location, product, service or customer demographics or psychographics.

You also have to be constantly evolving. The only way same-old-same-old works is where the big guys are not interested in going. Example: a small retail store in a resort destination.

You must keep your customers close to you, know them, understand them and market to and with them. Successful small businesses often share one thing in common: they have enthusiastic customers.

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