How does a New Business get Customers?

How does a new business get traction, get known, get customers?
The answer is it depends upon your business… each business has a “most effective” marketing strategy. No two businesses have exactly the same approach. What you are in need of is a marketing plan. What follows is just a broad overview of some elements of a good plan.

How do you attract customers? That’s the key. First, you have to know who your customers are or will be?

Who are your target markets? What things are on their minds? What are their problems? What do they pay attention to? What are their habits? Demographics. Psychographics.

How does your product or service solve their problem or need? Exactly. For example, you might say your coffee shop satisfies their thirst for coffee. WRONG. Your coffee house provides a certain ambiance, a place to meet people, relax, and enjoy a respite from the demands of the world. Ah, it is a refuge. You provide stress relief! ( I’m just making this up as I go along, the idea is to get you to thinking beyond the simple and into the subliminal and inferential.)

Now that you know, what, figure out HOW. How do you construct a message that conveys what your product is? How do you communicate this message to your target market? You need to understand communications channels. For a coffee shop, that may be the right sign in the right place. It might be a flyer, it might be a Craigslist ad, a Printerest or Facebook posting. It might be a Google Ad words, it might be word of mouth at the local Rotary club. There are a world of opportunities and almost endless variety of channel mixes to explore.

You’ll have to experiment. Try different things. Figure out what the best approach is. Figure out what the least cost, most effective plan is. There is no direct, simple way to do this. You have to try things, evaluate them, and build your process. It takes time.

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