New business: How do I get Visibility and Customers?

Ah, the proverbial question: how do you get customers. That’s what you want. Visibility, yes, but the only visibility you need is with people that will buy what you have to sell. Any other visibility is a waste of time and effort. In fact, visibility in the wrong venue can backfire: it may alert your competition, or inspire some other business to invade your space. So, you want to target your customers. Not with a shotgun, but with a rifle — send that message to the prospect and get them to buy. Too many entrepreneurs confuse noise with message. Noise is all around, does no good, doesn’t result in anything. Message is distinct, tailored, directed, and designed to emote action.

So, how will you send an appropriate message directly to your target market in the most effective, efficient way? First you have to know a lot about your target market(s). You have to understand their demographics and their psychographics. Until you have this information, you are shooting in the dark.

Then, you have to figure out how to reach those people directly. There is always a way. You have to understand the pathways of communication. Is it by social media? Is it by direct snail mail? Is it in-person? Is it by videos on You-tube or Google ad words? You may have to try different media, and measure the results.

Finally, and most importantly, you must construct your message. Wrong message and you’ve wasted all efforts. Right message and bingo, you have a sale. So what is the message? That depends a lot on what the sales process is. In some products, it is a complex set of messaging and response, the sales cycle is multi-layered. You may have to sell several different levels of management in one cycle. The sale may actually consist of three or more “sales” in a process that is like a salmon swimming upstream. In others, it’s simple: one and done.

Key to messaging is the problem that you are solving. Yep, every product solves a problem or satiates a need. If you understand directly what those are, and you understand how your prospect thinks, you have a sale. Otherwise, you are wasting your time. So your message has to address that problem in a gut level way that emotes confidence, relief, desire and action on the part of the prospect. I can’t tell you how to do this in a Quora post, but it’s not rocket science.

There you have it. I know, a lot of generalities, but your question was posed as a general question, and this is such a broad topic that only a general response can address it. We have a lot of information on this process at

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