How do I sell my consulting services?

This is an easy one! First, you have to know as much as you can about your prospective clients. What are their needs? What are the problems that gnaw at them and cause them to lose sleep? What things are just annoying and irritating that they have to deal with? Know your prospect. Understand what motivates them and where their “pain” is.

Now, how will you, yes you, solve their problems in a seamless, easy, cost-effective way? What will you provide that will give them (almost) instant relief? What is your USP ( unique selling proposition)?

Don’t give them some “generalities” or fuzzy answers. You have to be razor sharp on this. You have to be able to prove that you can solve their pain. Otherwise, why would they risk dealing with you? What guarantees or warrantees can you provide ( and remember, these have to be realistic… if you promise too much, they won’t believe you.)

That brings us to the next issue: credibility. Why are you, as an individual, uniquely qualified to provide this “relief?” What are your credentials? What experience do you have? What references can you give? What case studies can you provide that prove your worth?

Now, armed with all that, you can construct a simple brochure. Forget all the fancy pictures and graphics, color on glossy paper etc. Do it simple. Do it direct. Hit the pain.. 2 pages max. Bullet points. Prove your point.

Now, you have it. You must now present it. Credibly. With passion. With proof. That’s easy. Ask questions you already know the answer to…. where is their pain, what are their problems, how could their life be easier if only…. Let them open up and tell you what you are going to provide them. If you can get the prospect to tell you what they want, you are so very close to a sale!

Tell your story, show your proof, make them an offer that is so irresistible they really can’t turn it down, logically. But remember, people are driven by fear and irrationality. Expect the SWSWSW ( some will, some won’t, so what). Expect to make many presentations, most people will say “later” or “no” but don’t be fooled. No is not “NO!” No means I can’t deal with it now, I need more information, I have to think about it, I am afraid of making a mistake, etc. Be gentle, reassuring, no pressure.

Follow up with a nice little note. Put them on a mailing list. Keep in contact. Send them new information ever so often. Call them and keep your proposal in front of them… gently, like rain, wear their resistance and hard edge down… you can and will win the sale, it just takes time and gentle, logical, persistence.

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