Why would anyone take the risk to be an Entrepreneur?

The typical response is that we entrepreneurs don’t think like “normal” people. We have a passion to start something new, make something that is ours, and built it into a successful business. Most of us have a lot of self-confidence and we tend to think outside the conventional box. We ask a lot of “what if” questions. That’s not quite accurate, and only covers a small segment of the entrepreneural population. Some of us just don’t play well with others. We can’t hack it in the corporate rat race. We can’t play the politics and people games necessary to make it in a corporate environment. Some of us want to do what we want to do. We can’t stand being ordered around. We chafe at the corporate lifestyle. We’re people of action, not meetings and we rebel at the typical corporate “defer, deflect, deny and finally defend” mentality. Some of us are in love with our ideas. We see visions and opportunity where “normal” people see risk and heartache. Some of us are un-hirable. We will fail the corporate screening process because we can’t “fit in” to the typical corporate environment. So we are left few other options: take a …

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