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Crazy Work Ethics? Are you a Workaholic?

What’s a crazy work ethic? Workaholic?  They come in all varieties.   Most of us would imagine the driven entrepreneur who works um-teen hours a day, every day.  But that stereotype is not descriptive.  When it comes to “over-working”  the craziness usually involves an inordinate amount of time spent at work.

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The Tale of Two Sandwiches

The restaurant business is considered one of the toughest industries to operate in. Competition is fierce and depending on who you talk to, the fail rate is close to 60%. How a restaurant competes in a particular category can make all the difference in the world. Do you compete on price? On customer experience? On service? On location? Executing well in these areas adds up to a competitive advantage. It’s the unique selling proposition (USP) that we talk about so much in our business planning section of the CEA Curriculum. Consider these two brands with a very similar product: Jimmy Johns Subs and Planet Sub.

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Accountants Don’t Run Start-Ups…They Run Businesses

Recently I stumbled accross a presentation deck by Stephen Blank entitled, “Why Accountants Don’t Run Start Ups”

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The Ego Driven Business

Looking at the difference between an ROI Lean Approach and something else entirely…

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