1101 Understanding Business Law

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Every business owner has to deal with legal issues. This section outlines the broad legal principles that affect business, and provides some guidelines to ensure compliance. Ignorance of the law is no excuse and can be very costly.

Learning Objectives: 


After completing this course, you will be able to:

List the various types of law which affect the small business

Explain the importance of competent legal counsel to a small business owner.

Discuss the basic elements of advertising law

Describe the basic elements of contract la


Course Curriculum

Understanding Business Law Introduction FREE 00:11:00
Equitable Maxims 00:02:00
The Company Lawyer 00:07:00
The Importance of a Good Attorney 00:05:00
Advertising Law 00:06:00
Employment Law 00:20:00
OSHA 00:05:00
Workers Compensation 00:05:00
Finance Law 00:07:00
Securities Law 00:02:00
Privacy Law 00:03:00
Environmental Law 00:04:00
The Uniform Commercial Code 00:07:00
Contract Law 00:42:00
Contractual Law Continued 00:06:00
Immigration Law 00:06:00
Consumer Credit Law 00:04:00
Product Liability Law 00:05:00
State & Local Regulations 00:02:00
Dispute Resolution 00:06:00
Banking Law 00:02:00
Business Ethics 00:02:00
Internet Law 00:09:00
Intellectual Property Law 00:09:00
Trade Practices Law 00:10:00
Franchise Law 00:03:00
Property & Real Estate Law 00:21:00
Tax Law 00:09:00
Licensing and Permits 00:07:00
Bankruptcy Law 00:07:00
Criminal Law 00:09:00
Torts and Malpractice 00:14:00
Product Liability, Malpractice and Conclusion of Course 00:06:00

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