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There are many different ideas regarding the concept of “what constitutes an entrepreneur?” This course introduces the various perspectives of entrepreneurship and helps advisors understand the psychology and motivations of entrepreneurs. It covers how to recognize an authentic entrepreneur including how to evaluate and size them up.

Business advisors can provide a valuable service in helping entrepreneurs find a good niche and evaluate various opportunities.  In this course, we outline an approach that will help any entrepreneur face the reality of being in business, understand the negatives while making the most out of the benefits.

Case studies in this course highlight the real-life experiences of entrepreneurs who succeeded and those who did not.

Learning Objectives:

In this course you will learn how to:

  • Define an authentic entrepreneur
  • Understand how to help those who may be at risk if they embark on entrepreneurial activities
  • Identify entrepreneurial opportunities and niches
  • List the basics for entrepreneurial success



Course Curriculum

The Entrepreneur Details FREE 00:05:00
What Makes an Entrepreneur Tick? Details 00:03:00
Entrepreneurial Myths Details 00:02:00
A Different View of Entrepreneurs Details 00:01:00
Sizing Up an Entrepreneur Details 00:04:00
Defining the Traits of a Successful Entrepreneur Details 00:02:00
Questions for the Entrepreneur Details 00:03:00
Why Entrepreneurs Are Motivated Details 00:06:00
Entrepreneurs and Stress Details 00:07:00
Fear Based Entrepreneurship Details 00:04:00
The Most Important Factor to Success Details 00:09:00
The Basics for Entrepreneurial Success Details 00:14:00
Why Businesses Fail Details 00:04:00
Entrepreneurial Life Final Exam Details 00:12:00
Course Evaluation
Course Evaluation Form – Entrepreneurship Life Details 00:00:00
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  • Course Certificate
  • Program Level: Fundamentals/Beginner

    83 minutes | CPE = 1.5 units

    Field of Study: Business Management & Organization

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