0108 Exit Strategies

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Business owners have several options when it comes to exit strategies. Business advisors can do a lot to avoid a bad ending to a good business.

This course discusses the five options available, with the advantages and disadvantages to each. Some business owners think that taking their business public is a common and profitable way to exit the business. The myths surrounding IPO’s, what underwriters look for,  IPO timetables, and the cost of taking a company public are covered.The business advisor will be in a good position to frankly discuss the problems inherent with this approach.

Selling a business is a complex process that must be carefully planned for and orchestrated. It begins months or years before the actual closing, and involves preparing the business for sale. The advisor can provide significant value in helping a business owner in the many phases of this complex process. This course covers the essential knowledge necessary to facilitate  finding a buyer, formulating the deal, due diligence, closing, transition and post exit planning involved in a business sale.

Merging the business can be another way to implement an exit strategy. While it sounds appealing, there are many disadvantages and quagmires to avoid while pursuing the advantages and possible synergies of a merger.



Upon completing this course,  you will be able to:

  • List the 5 basic exit options a business owner has
  • Understand the company characteristics underwriters look for in an IPO
  • Know the advantages, disadvantages and cautions in a merger situation



Course Curriculum

The Importance of an Exit Strategy FREE 00:03:00
The Myth of Taking it Public 00:04:00
How to Approach an IPO 00:02:00
Additional Exit Strategy Options 00:04:00
The Exit Scenario Many Entrepreneurs Want 00:03:00
The Most Common Exit Scenario 00:06:00
Buyer’s Motivations 00:04:00
Finding Prospects 00:04:00
Formulating the Deal 00:02:00
Getting Paid 00:03:00
How to Get a Good Price for Your Business 00:04:00
Mergers 00:31:00
Preliminary Quiz – Exit Strategies 00:12:00
Exit Strategies – Final Exam 00:19:00
Course Evaluation
Course Evaluation – Exit Strategies 00:00:00

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