0307 Quality Control & Supply Chain Management

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    Part 1 of this section reviews the major concepts in Quality Control and demonstrates how small businesses can benefit from their implementation.

    Quality Control (QC) applies to all businesses, whether they produce a product or a service. QC concepts can dramatically improve customer satisfaction, reduce “after the sale” costs and pour savings directly to the bottom line.

    In part 2, we discuss why supply chain management is so important to any kind of venture and show you techniques you can start to utilize today.

    Supply Chain Management is also known as logistics. It is the flow of goods between the point of origin and the point of consumption. The resources managed in logistics apply to all kinds of businesses, not just large enterprises.


    Learning Objectives:

    After completing this course, you will be able to:

    • Understand the overarching concepts of six sigma
    • List Jurans ten step QC approach
    • Describe Edwards Deming’s approach to quality control
    • List the 8 ISO 9000 principles

    Course Curriculum

    Part 1 - Quality Control
    Understanding Quality Control FREE 00:03:00
    Overview of Six Sigma 00:02:00
    Joseph Juran and Quality Control 00:02:00
    Edwards Deming Approach to Quality Control 00:04:00
    Six Sigma – A Deeper Dive 00:04:00
    ISO 9000 – A Deeper Dive 00:04:00
    Practical Quality Control 00:02:00
    Design and Reiteration in Quality Control 00:03:00
    Quality Control Applications 00:02:00
    Wrap Up and Take Aways of Quality Control 00:01:00
    Part 2 - Supply Chain Management
    Understanding Supply Chain Management 00:07:00
    Supply Chain Principles 00:07:00
    Managing the Supply Chain 00:04:00
    Supply Chain Networks 00:03:00
    The Focus on Purchasing 00:06:00
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