0107 Starting a Business

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Starting a business is no little undertaking.  There are myriads of details to attend to. Miss one critical one and the ship could be sunk.  This course starts at a 10,000 foot overview of the process, and methodically works its way to the details.

Along the way, advisors will be able to help their clients understand the scope of the process, have a good realistic view of the process, and be prepared for things that could go awry. The trick in starting a business is to minimize risk. Procedural checklists can help, along with an execution plan. These tools are quite a bit different from a business plan in that they have far more granule detail. This course covers the plan, execute, evaluate model,  the operational plan, the launch plan, and the compliance checklist.

You’ll learn how to approach figuring future capital needs, project development costs, pre-opening costs, and estimate ramp-up costs. Finally, the course shows advisors how to help their clients with contingency plans and effective approaches to implementing the operational plan. It’s all about transforming a business plan into a growing, successful business while at the same time minimizing bumps along the way.



After completing this course, the student will be able to:

  • Describe the principal concerns an entrepreneur must deal with in starting a business
  • Explain the techniques to reduce risk in a start-up environment
  • Create a start-up contingency plan



Course Curriculum

10,000 Foot Overview 00:06:00
Looking at the Procedural Steps in Starting a Business 00:04:00
Where Planning Begins 00:06:00
The Launch Plan 00:16:00
The Marketing Plan 00:11:00
Contingency Plan 00:04:00
A Million Little Things & Wrap Up 00:08:00
Preliminary Quiz – Starting a Business 00:10:00
Starting a Business – Final Exam 00:12:00
Course Evaluation
Course Evaluation – Starting a Business 00:00:00

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    77 minutes | CPE = 1.5 units

    Field of Study: Business Management & Organization

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