How can I be Wealthy?

Here is my perspective on it, from my experiences with many very wealthy clients:

Invest wisely. To do that, you have to understand investing and investments. You must constantly educate yourself. Don’t just delegate that to some broker. Delegation without supervision is abdication.

Diversify, realize that investments are like the tide, they come in and go out of fashion. Don’t try to shoot the moon, just try to earn the risk adjusted rate of inflation plus a few percentage points.

Keep your overhead low. Live below your means. Flashy displays of wealth are wasteful and make you a target. The truly wealthy live comfortably, but not ostentatiously.

Maintain your health. Nothing is worse than the drain that extraordinary medical expenses can place on your net worth. Yet keeping fit and eating right are relatively easy and inexpensive.

Enhance your relationships. The truly wealthy person is the one with the loving family. Everyone can improve their family relationships. Focus on loving things you can do for yours. These are things that money cannot buy.

Be generous, kind and giving. The truly wealthy are those who can give of themselves, and contribute a part of their wealth. The tightfisted cheapskate who never tips, refuse charity, and lives like Scrooge is a miserable person who is poor in spirit.

Realize that you won life’s lottery, and that there is nothing special about you. Be humble, thank God for your place, and realize that you have the responsibility to do good in this world.

The truly wealthy are those who have wonderful karma. You can get it, it’s easy. Make it your passion to garner good karma, and spread it around.

Be spiritual. Strive to understand yourself and this wonderful universe we are all a part of. Pursue knowledge, learn new skills, explore the world and become better educated. You will become wise, something that money alone cannot buy.

March 26, 2018

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