Should I leave my low paying, meaningless job to start a business?

Oh my, some serious issues in this question!

Jumping off the current boat to swim with the sharks and try to stay afloat and build a new boat from scratch is incredibly difficult, far more difficult than it looks. Look very, very carefully before you jump.

The water is cold, full of sharks and unpredictable big crashing waves. Once you abandon the ship you are on, be prepared for some rough times. You may drown. You cannot start a business until you have sufficient savings, have done intensive research, have networked and made good connections, and have a backup plan.

Low pay job: Ok, so make something of it. Do the best job you can, be a superstar. Be a sponge: learn everything you can and more. Prove to your employer that you are worthy of a raise. Then look around for another, better paying job. Work your way up.

“Meaningless job” – there is no such thing. The meaning you have in a job is what you put into it. If you are a janitor cleaning toilets, put everything you have into cleaning them the best way anyone could. If you sweep the floors, do it with style and finesse. If you are an assembler, assemble things so perfectly and wonderfully that you have a lot of pride in each thing you make. You put meaning into your job, not the other way around.

Be frugal. Save as much as you can. Adopt Frugal as your hobby. I did, and I saved the beginning of a fortune by doing so.

Network. Know as many people as possible. Let your competence, grace, kindness and generosity be evident to all in a humble way. Be helpful to all around you, especially those who it would appear could never return the favor. You gain wonderful Karma this way.

Plan your career. Where do you want to be in 5 years, 10 years? How will you get there? What do you need to do? Make a plan.
Know yourself, your strengths, and especially, your weaknesses. How can you improve yourself? What skills do you need to gain? How can you change and improve the way you think?

Be patient. The universe moves at the same time quickly and slowly. You have a place in this universe…. what is it? Pray to God, however you envision Him. If you are an atheist, well, do some deep meditation and contemplation. My personal observation is that prayer works, in unpredictable ways.

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