When should a Startup Hire an Accountant?

The simple answer: the minute you need to do some accounting. That almost smart-ass answer is really pretty profound… because it focuses on something that many harried entrepreneurs fail to grasp: when you need to start looking at accounting data. Unfortunately, many entrepreneurs are not analytical types, and they don’t like to think about accounting or other backroom activities. As a result, they often crash and burn, because the “backroom” is just like the engine room in a boat: lots of critical stuff goes on there. Let’s put it this way: you start out on a journey to someplace you have never been. The first thing you do is consult a map. What’s the difference when you are starting a business? None. Successful business owners know that the roadmap of how they are doing is their accounting reports. They understand that looking at sales, expenses, assets, and liabilities is essential. It’s the measure of where they are and what they are doing. Sure, you can look at bits and pieces from here and there ( so called flash reports) but those have no proof of integrity. When you have an accounting system, the reports you get have a much greater …

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