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The Certified Entrepreneurial Advisor (CEA) program empowers small business advisors.

There are 12 CEA subject areas covering all aspects of small business management. It’s graduate-level, practical education. Graduates gain powerful tools, techniques and strategies aimed at small business success.


Train with the best

Our classes are taught by some of the most well respected professionals in the industry who use what they teach on a daily basis.

A wealth of business knowledge

Our extensive library is filled with hundreds of hours of content. You can filter by topic, search by keyword or just browse.


Earn Badges Earn badges & CPE credit

Demonstrate your competency in a particular subject area and receive the benefits of recognition with badges that can be shared to your social networks. Additionally, fulfill continuing professional education requirements.

Obtain valuable feedback

Our members-only forums are a valuable resource for getting your questions answered. Participate in the forum and make connections with other professionals.


All of our Ebooks, worksheets, templates and resource kits are yours free once you're a member.


Management Consultants


Web Site Developers and Designers

Insurance Professionals

 Who Should Join the CEA Program?


Marketing Professionals

Financial Planners

IT Professionals

HR Consultants


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Step 1.    

Join the CEA Program


Step 2.

Choose a Course Path

CEA Library of Courses


Complete the course at your own pace (or test out)

All videos are web based - no textbooks, no boring lectures.

Step 3.

blog-cea-logo   Receive the CEA accreditation and license

 Masterclasses on growing & managing your CEA practice

 Forum for peer support

 Exclusive tools and updates to keep you on the leading edge



Step 4.

Clients will appreciate your broad and comprehensive business knowledge. You'll understand the full 360 view on your clients issues and opportunities

Your circle of influence expands

Cycle of referrals accelerates

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I be interested in the CEA program?

If you’re an advisor to small businesses, you can benefit from the CEA program.  We’re ideal for accountants, business lawyers, insurance agents, financial planners, business consultants, internet consultants and more.

What kind of knowledge background do I need to have to be in the CEA Program?

A general business education is enough. You’re an expert in your field:  the purpose of the CEA program is to expand your capabilities and skills to be competent in the whole spectrum of small business management and operations.

Will I need any special software or books?

You won’t need anything other than an internet connection fast enough to view streaming video.


How often do you release new content?

We’re constantly adding  and updating our comprehensive video library. Nowhere else can you find the equivalent of a specialized small business management MBA in such an easily digestible format.


Am I tied to a contract?

Absolutely not. You can cancel your account at any time.


Does the program qualify for Continuing Education in my profession?

Simple answer: yes.


Isn’t this the same as a MBA?  Why would a MBA be interested in this?

MBA credentials give you a broad business background… mostly focussed on larger enterprises or theoretical business ideas. Hardly an MBA program in the country addresses the needs of smaller businesses, and most of those are targeted at high growth companies expecting to go public.  MBAs are great for Wall Street.  The CEA is perfect for main street.


What’s the real value of CEA certification?

Having a comprehensive knowledge of virtually every aspect of managing a small business gives you a tremendous competitive advantage in your specialty. Whether you are an accountant, lawyer, financial planner or consultant, you’ll get knowledge and tools that will help you be a hero to your clients in unexpected ways.  Know more = added value = make more money.

Get specific: can I really make more money having a CEA certification?

How you profit from your skills and talents is up to you, but typically, CEA holders have a significant competitive advantage in the world of small and entrepreneurial businesses.  Here are three examples:  (1) Lawyer Phil is helping his client review legal documents. As the result of his CEA training, his client realizes that he is a valuable business advisor and his billable hours expand. He no longer has to fight to collect billings and he’s no longer viewed as a “hired gun.”  (2) Insurance agent Molly is speaking with a prospect and is able to discuss a wide variety of business management issues with confidence. Prospect becomes client, and Molly becomes the go-to advisor. (3) Accountant Steve is viewed as a “see him once a year tax man” which creates a huge peak and valley of work.  By becoming a CEA his clients want his advice and help  as a business consultant, which evens out his work-load, and creates high value client relationships. He’s working fewer hours, making more, and has a more enjoyable lifestyle.


I get the part about being a better advisor, but how exactly will I monetize that?

Most professional programs leave that up to you.  The CEA program is different. We have built a MasterClass into our program specifically addressing how you use your CEA designation to add value to your professional career.  For some, the CEA will open the door to increased billings and a busier practice.  For some will use it to transform a “fire engine” business into a more steady, more profitable flow of repeat business. Others may use it as a way to transition from a transactional business to a  more rewarding consultative business. Our MasterClass addresses the various ways you can monetize your CEA designation, and gives you step by step guidance.


I’m already earning good money. Why should I care?

No matter what profession, you’re seeing tremendous change.  Every profession is undergoing transformation, and the one thing you can depend upon is that there is going to be more competition.  If you want a competitive advantage, you have to stay ahead of the curve.  The CEA certification gives you a broad value-based competitive advantage.


How do I pay for this?

The CEA program is amazingly inexpensive compared to regular education programs, especially when compared to a traditional MBA.  We take all major credit cards. What’s even better is that you pay for it as you learn, on a monthly subscription basis.






30 Day 100% Money Back Guarantee

If you’re not satisfied with the CEA program, we’ll refund your money.

No questions asked.

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